About Cybeleum

Cybeleum is a consortium of senior consultants trained in the delivery of an innovative methodology for strategy innovation and breakthrough performance primarily focusing on Fortune 1000 companies.


Cybeleum provides corporate leadership teams access to powerful levers and dials of leadership and high performance that is distinct from management. The Cybeleum paradigm works from the premise that leaders’ fundamental area of concern is to cause the future, while management’s role, also essential, is to take that future and manage it into existence.


Our approach creates environments where teams create for themselves the bold outcomes that will truly make a difference and are currently not predictable or likely.

Our work is particularly designed to develop the Network Leader which, as the CEB Article, “Rise of the Network Leader” documents, is the necessary way of leading effectively in today’s global business environment.


Every Cybeleum engagement is oriented around the identification and achievement of critical business objectives which serve as the laboratory where these powerful leadership behaviors are practiced and validated.


Thus, not only do our clients achieve business objectives that had seemed out of reach, they also develop new leadership practices that will serve them and their organizations throughout their careers.

Who We Are

Molly Collet


As the Principal and Co-Founder of Cybeleum Consulting, for over a decade I have pioneered a breakthrough approach to human performance that rapidly catalyzes Network Leadership. This is an innovative methodology utilizing our Safe To Say meeting methodology that offers profound new access to catalyzing corporate cultures of self-generative leaders and fully collaborative high performance teams. This approach is proving its effectiveness every day in Fortune 1000 companies, with executives and their teams who had previously been reliant on the deeply imbedded principles and practices of command-and-control, hierarchical leadership.


Cybeleum’s dual-pronged approach focuses on developing teams of leaders in how to become culture creators that have a shared language of collaboration and high performance. They rapidly learn to empower teams to consistently and reliably think together to create and stand for bold business objectives that had often not been considered or thought of before and then take the continued actions necessary to bring these objectives into reality.


Cybeleum’s work is designed for and has been implemented in initially siloed, diverse, multinational organizations and teams that produces intersectional, collaborative cultures that simultaneously impacts the realization of critical, bottom line business objectives.


Being a multi-racial person of color and LGBTQ+, I have grown up at the intersection of civil rights, human rights, gender, African American and white American cultures.


My firm’s work is deeply informed by my own multi-racial, gender-inclusive heritage.


Our innovative Safe To Say methodology is specifically for executives who want the people in their organization to have the experience that they can contribute their whole selves; their ethnicity, their gender, their life experience and wisdom. This creates environments where people experience its safe to say who they are and what they have to give and catalyzes the conscious development of organization’s into environments where everyone can make their full contribution so all aspects of work –works!

Christine Roess


Christine Roess, Co-Founder of Cybeleum, LLC, is a pioneer in bringing this innovative linguistic methodology to major corporations for the past 30 years.


Prior to co-founding Cybeleum, Christine founded SDI Communications, one of the first consulting firms of its kind to introduce managers and executives to this ground breaking approach to creating high performance and clearly distinguishing management and leadership.


Addressing complex business challenges primarily in large corporate cultues, with Christine’s leadership, clients’ have demonstrated again and again the power of giving executives and project teams these new distinctions in the kinds of conversations that produce desired action and true innovation.   


Christine has been a guest lecturer at Fordham University’s Graduate Business School and at Polytechnic University’s Management of Technology graduate business program.  She graduated from the University of Michigan and did graduate study at Northwestern University in English and literature.  Christine is an enthusiastic mother and grandmother and resides in Narberth, PA.

Kelly Townsend

Senior Consultant

Having spent more than 35 years in the business world and 22 years coaching and training in Ontology (the study of being), Kelly has lead seminars and workshops for thousands of people with a solid foundation in business development, sales and team alignment – and she is passionately committed to the success and empowerment of her clients.


As a partner to clients in the hospitality, healthcare, legal and financial service industries, Kelly specializes in bringing a powerful listening to what is missing and needed to take individual and team performance to the next level.  This results in corporations and businesses creating vital, flourishing environments with an organizational design where collaboration and teamwork naturally occur.


Kelly earned her Bachelor of Arts at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma Washington and studied elementary education at University of Central Florida.


Kelly is a former graduate of Collier Leadership Institute, Past President of the Rotary Club of Marco Island, Past Board Member of the David Lawrence Center, Board Member for the League of Courageous Women, Current Board Member and a regular contributing writer for è Bella Magazine.


She has received several awards over the years for her volunteer work with the USPTA, USTA, Rotary and Zonta.  Kelly’s hobbies include tennis, music and most recently she is enjoying becoming a grandmother.

Deborah Crocker

Senior Consultant

Deborah Crocker is a senior consultant who brings 10+ years of experience in non-profit Board development and facilitation.  She also is highly skilled in comprehensive institutional strategic fundraising for large national, non-profit, educational and arts institutions.


Deborah partners with Boards and senior management to elevate operations with optimal leadership models and organizational goals as well as to develop and implement funding strategies through individual, foundation and government income streams.


She began her career as a professional, classically trained dancer whose passion for developing authentic human expression through arts and empowering creative intelligence in organizations carries into all areas of her work today both with clients, the organizations we serve and everywhere she touches the world.


Deborah received her B.F.A. from Purchase College, SUNY and her M.A. in Arts Administration from Columbia University.  She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two children.

Our Approach

As business leaders we find ourselves in the midst of a major transformation due to the massive enablement of technology and the possibility of corporations of virtually every size tapping into global markets.  Traditional, formal lines of authority are rapidly giving way to global networks where speed, complexity and change is the ‘new normal’. Leadership in this  environment requires new and different capacities to be effective.  The hierarchical paradigm upon which most organizations are founded is il-suited to empowering globally dispersed teams where people are routinely asked to be highly effective with those over whom they have no formal authority.


Cybeleum’s methodology is particularly appropriate for this dynamic, global business environment.  Developed from ground breaking Speech Act theory, our approach offers a profound new access to building cultures of network leaders and fully collaborative, high performance, championship teams producing unprecedented results.


The immense impact of this team learning methodology is now fully demonstrated in Fortune 1000 companies with leaders and their teams discovering  the clear distinction between management and leadership and the profound difference between operating as groups of individuals and highly collaborative championship teams. 



Every Cybeleum engagement delivers the dual impact of producing a highly desirable, critical business outcome that is not currently likely; simultaneously, client teams move beyond traditional, hierarchical leadership practices and access the behaviors and ways of being a network leader. Not only do our clients achieve business objectives that had seemed out of reach, they also gain access to these innovative leadership practices and potent tools that will serve them and their organizations throughout their careers.


For executive teams, confronting today’s, dynamic, fluid work environment and the correlated unprecedented challenges, Cybeleum provides an innovative access to break from the strategies constrained by past-based thinking and supports leaders to discover what it takes to design organizations appropriate to the future they are eager to shape. Our engagements begin with identifying outcomes that will truly make a difference but are not currently predictable or likely given the organization’s current trajectory.


Cybeleum’s approach is particularly appropriate for today’s global, matrixed organization comprised of knowledge workers who are often asked to be effective with those over whom they have no formal authority. Our approach develops executive’s capacity to rapidly build team alignment across internal silos, external vendor relationships and strategic competitor alliances to produce extraordinary outcomes across these often disparate groups.


We provide corporate leadership teams access to powerful levers and dials of leadership and high performance that is distinct from effective management. The Cybeleum paradigm works from the premise that leaders’ fundamental area of concern is designing bold outcomes and inspiring the commitment necessary to accomplish it, while management’s role, while also essential, is to take that future and manage it into existence.


Utilizing our methodology that cultivates The Network Leader, the Executive Coaching Intensive is a one-to-one relationship that offers a safe and empowering environment for executives to develop their ability to generate championship team performance. The ECI allows clients to discover the distinct difference between effective management and powerful leadership and to discover blind spots to grow in both areas where they are not strong and to gain greater mastery in their areas of strength.


A key ingredient of Cybeleum’s learning methodology is the power that flows from colleagues accessing new language and behaviors together. In this unique learning experience, the relationship of the group rapidly evolves into one aligned team as they access the principles and practices to inventing powerfully together, commit to challenging objectives and work through the breakdowns that occur on the way to significant accomplishments; well beyond what has been possible in the past. Because the team is learning together, these powerful new principals and practices are reinforced and sustained long after the engagement ends.

Client Results